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At Vickers Kempf, we counsel and represent our business clients regarding the rules, statutes, codes, and regulations that are established within the legal framework by which business must be conducted. From forming a business to seizing new opportunities, we are skilled in strategy, defense, and growth. Our team aids business owners, corporations, and entrepreneurial individuals in overcoming the obstacles associated with starting, operating, protecting, and selling businesses. We have handled M&A projects between $200K and $60M including purchases, sales, mergers and joint ventures. Vickers Kempf has represented clients in business litigation cases in over 20 states.

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asset protection

Your wealth is not safe if it is not properly protected. Individuals are increasingly using the legal system to wrongfully deprive others of their hard-earned assets and wealth. In the United States, over 40 million lawsuits are filed yearly dispossessing business owners and professionals of their life’s work. Many now are understanding their wealth is not safe until it is properly protected. Vickers Kempf works with you to ensure the assets you have earned will not be unjustly taken. Advanced planning is important, and many do not realize they need the protection before it is too late. With our counsel and guidance, protecting your assets may be your best investment.

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estate planning

Vickers Kempf brings counsel and the planning of your estate to ensure it goes to those whom you choose.  This allows for those left behind to be able to grieve without unnecessarily worrying about the legal issues that can occur after death. All of our planning offerings include the powers of attorney and related documents to allow your loved ones to properly care for you as you would desire should you become incapacitated. We also offer trust planning to bring additional protection for your loved ones from creditors and predators.  Trusts organize care for your children and provide an appropriate schedule to the access to the funds you’ve left behind.

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